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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 1, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

11:00 pm until then, keep it here, o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. unlike mr. o'reilly. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> fannie and freddie are fundamentally sound. i think they are good shape going forward. >> bill: talk about a bad call. fannie mae lost $16 million last quarter alone. we pay for that. now the feds want trillions more to control health care? brit hume, juan williams, and mary katharine ham will analyze. >> does it go too far to say the president's agenda is a socialist agenda? >> bill: senator mccain pushed to describe president obama as a socialist. we will show you what happened in this shootout. >> this is the cbs evening news with katie couric. >> good evening, everyone. >> bill: is it all over for the nets work news. abc is laying off hundreds in the news department. bernie goldberg has the inside story on why tv news may go the
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way of the dinosaur. ♪ over. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. barney frank, president obama, and your money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this is a huge week for the president as he will tell the nation, probably on wednesday, how he is going to deliver health care reform. latest rasmussen daily tracking poll says that after last week's health care summit the president got a slight bump. 44% of americans now want obama care as opposed to 41% the week before. up 3%. but, and this is a big but. 52% of americans do not want obama care for a variety of reasons. talking points says no to the multi trillion-dollar
11:02 pm
entitlement primarily because of of the cost and chaos factor. take you back to july of 2008 when congressman barney frank in charge of the house innocence committee said this about the financial positions of fannie mae and freddie mac. the federal mortgage concerns. >> i think this is a case where fanny and freddie are fundamentally sound they are not in danger of going under. they are not the best investment these days from the long-term standpoint coming back. i think they would be okay going forward. >> bill: good shape going forward. obviously that was a collosal mistake on the part of congressman frank. in the last quarter fannie mae lost 16 billion taxpayer dollars in three months. hard to believe. now, sadly, talking points believes the same thing would happen with obama-care. the president says it will cost a trillion dollars. dick morris says it will cost 6 trillion. truth is, nobody knows, but it won't be 1 trillion. the enormous cost of obama-care is something the country simply cannot afford. late last fright day afternoon
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the treasury department issued a very disturbing report. they timed it late on friday so you wouldn't see it but we did. here it is. the u.s.a. is now $11.5 trillion in the red. last year the deficit rose an enormous 12%, highest in history. more than double the previous yearly record. there is no question the u.s.a. could soon become bankrupt. obviously that was erode our power and badly damage our economy. we would all get hurt. everybody in the country. that cannot happen. thus, obama care in its present form cannot happen. we don't have the money. speaker pelosi says she does have the votes to pass health care reform in the house and is likely to pass the senate. politico says mrs. pelosi doesn't have the votes and we should all pray that's true. america is in grave danger because of financial irresponsible on the part of our leadership. that is the truth. and while it's very difficult to watch our fellow citizens suffer without health care, the greater
11:04 pm
good must rule. the feds are spending this country into bankruptcy. it must stop. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight we asked chief political analyst brit hume to track the health care drama. he joins us from boca grand, florida. all right, now, you expect a smaller bill, not what you have on the table right now, correct? >> well, that's the latest word we are getting today is that the president will come forward with a proposal for a smaller piece of legislation that is now being con item -- contemplated in either house or senate. how much smaller and what would be in it. we don't know that yet. >> bill: are you worried personally as an american about this bankruptcy thing? i mean, i'm going over -- i'm not a matt guy or a policy wonk at all. now i'm making it my business to go over the balance sheets. and the reason i brought up barney frank and fannie mae and freddie mac is because i don't
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think these guys have a clue in washington. number one, i don't think they care. the democrats. i think they just want to spend. i don't think they have a clue the danger. almost like being on the titanic. i hate to use that cliched analogy but we are heading into an iceberg and everybody is going it's not -- this boat can go right through it. are you worried about in this stuff. >> sure. i have children. i have grandchildren. of course i'm worried about it i think that the public in this country, bill, right now is more worried about the deficit and the growth in the national debt than any time since i have been covering politics going back, you know, 40 years or so. it is not easy to get the public exercised over this her because it's numbers on a page and when the economy is going well people don't worry about such things. the economy is not going well. we are looking at debt on the order of the magnitude like nothing we have seen before. the public is truly alarmed about it. that has been a burden on this obama-care proposal from the start, which is that people do not believe that you can add tens of millions of people to
11:06 pm
the health care roles, pay for that, and somehow have it all end up costing less. they are proposing to do it by hundreds of -- billions of dollars, execute me, in medicare cuts. one of the most popular programs in the country and one that's facing bankruptcy. people might go along with seeing that program cure curtailed but they don't want to see it spent on something new. they would like to see it spent on the deficit. that is the burden that the democrats are carrying. that is what the president is up against. that's why it remains to be seen. it will be interesting to see how much curtailed is the size of the package or the set of proposals that he unveils later this week if indeed he does do that. >> bill: now, as it stands now because we don't know what the president is going to put forth, do you believe pelosi or politico? does she have the votes? >> look, i believe politico about the situation right now. but don't underestimate nancy pelosi. >> bill: i'm not. but right now if the vote were held today. >> no. i don't think she could pass it i don't think she could pass the
11:07 pm
senate bill through the house now. i'm not sure she could pass the house bill which obviously didn't make it in the senate through the house again under the current circumstances. but when all is said and done it's distinctly possible she may be able to round up enough votes to pass something. the question then of course becomes whether she is leading her troops on a suicide mission, which i think she may well be doing. >> bill: a new fox poll came out today and it asks americans whether they were concerned with run away spending by the government and the deficit and all of that, the debt we owe. 55% -- and i may have these stats wrong, but this is close. about half the democrats say they were worried. 90% of the republicans say they are worried. 90%. nine out of ten. half the democratic party. that means half the democratic party and you would think they were the far left half, said, look, we don't really care. you have got to spend what you got to spend to get us out of the recession and alleviate suffering in this country. if we go bankrupt, we go bankrupt. i don't think they understand
11:08 pm
what that means. i don't think they understand what that means for the world. if we go bankrupt, the whole -- that's exactly what the chinese and russians would love to see and iranians. our whole power structure begins to crumble, does it not? >> of course it does, bill. you can't finance a military establishment. you can't -- you know, your credit rating slips. your economy is weakened. purchasing power worldwide is weakened. it's a grave problem. i think the public -- look, polls aside, i think the alarm in the country about this is very great. you look at the issues that united the tea partiers people of various persuasions that's the run they are talking about, run away spending. that is it. i think that alarm has spread. it is particularly acute among not just republicans but more importantly, really politically acute among i wants. independents are the true swing vote in the american election. you can talk all you want about this ethnic group or that ethnic group. if you have lost the independents, you have lost the election. the independents have been deserting the democrats and president obama in droves. that is why the democrats face
11:09 pm
such bleak prospects in coming november. >> bill: i was going to say that seven months to the november elections now. it's march already. it looks like armageddon on the horizon unless the president can pull some kind of miracle. i have got 15 seconds. go. >> well, i would just say charlie cook, the political prognosticator and very good one, he thinks if the election were held today the house is going back to the republicans. nancy pelosi seems strikingly willing to see that happen if she and the democrats can ram this health care reform bill through and she can have that achievement to. >> bill: on her resume. >> marvel. >> bill: senator mccain is asked whether president obama is a socialist. network news programs got way of
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the factor prides itself on being outfront in many of the national discussions, last week we spent some time on interesting question is president obama a socialist? on sunday senator mccain was confronted with exactly that question. >> the socialist agenda from the president? >> there is no doubt in my mind america is a right of center nation and this administration is governing from the left. that's why the president's approval ratings continue to decline. >> but my question was, do you
11:13 pm
think that kind of -- because have you heard that description before. not just from j.d. hayworth and others. does it go too far to say the president's agenda is a socialist agenda. >> i think i gave my description. they are governing from the left on a broad variety of issues. i will let others speak for themselves. i have enough time taking care of my own misstatements. >> bill: joining us now from reaction to react mary katharine ham and here in the studio juan williams. we talked about this last week. we don't want to be repetitive but this is getting traction since the factor broke this -- it was actually broken on talk radio. they didn't like i wouldn't call him a socialist and now mccain won't call him a socialist. if is he a socialist, it's possible, would you say it's possible? >> possible? well, you defined it last week. you said the taking property. >> bill: not doing that now. >> not doing that now. >> bill: deep within it heart he is? >> it's possible. >> bill: spending human and i just -- hume and i talking about
11:14 pm
is not being dealt with by the obama administration because he says look, i want the government to run the economy and everything else and then down the road i will tax people up to here and get the revenue to pay for it that would explain it, would it not. >> how about this as an explanation that the country was almost going into depression and had you to do things like bail out goldman sachs and all these big wall street firms. sounds to me that's capitalist supporting capital institutions and costing us money. >> bill: we had to spend 12% more and record spending to keep us all from sliding into the ocean. remember, most of that bail out money has been paid back. >> no. some of it, bill. but the money hasn't been put back in the treasury. still sitting around tarp money and the like. two wars going and previously those wars the cost of those wars was not on the books. >> bill: projected out, it's bankruptcy. >> yes. that's true. >> bill: no way can avoid it you don't hear barack obama saying i see it and i'm going to stop it i'm not going to be like around schwarzenegger. we're going to stop it do you hear that? >> yeah, he said, you know what?
11:15 pm
the recent budget and so forth, he says we have got to. >> bill: we got to. but he never says how. he appointed panel. are you on that panel by the way? >> am i on the panel? could be. >> bill: he is saying is he going to take responsibility. putting it off to the next president. 2018, 2020. >> bill: when he is 85 he will take responsibility. i know mary katharine you are straining at the bit to get into here. >> as far as socialist goes. i prefer the term creepy status. isstate us kind of guy. i don't use the term socialist. i think it turns people off and if you start using that word they don't want to listen to you about what obama is actually doing. which, in some cases really is problematic for people at home. i would rather explain these things than get into semantics argument. >> bill: what is he doing vis-a-vis the spending and bankruptcy scenario. >> well, we have always had an entitlement problem, something i have been attune to since a young age.
11:16 pm
a lot of people don't know about it or don't recognize. it was brave of bush to tackle social security even though it didn't work. what people don't buy is obama's argument is that he is going to fix entitlements and spending by spending more and adding more entitlements. they don't buy it because they it doesn't make sense. he is living in this washington liberal world where he can use fake money. you can't forever and ever and ever. the american people are real i seeing that and they're calling him on it. >> bill: as i said in the talking points and we want everybody to understand. this we want health care reform. it's badly needed in this country but we can't afford it the way it is now, no way. mary katharine, does pelosi have the votes? brit hume says. no she does not have them as it stands now. do you agree with that. >> i agree at this point. i also would not underestimate nancy pelosi. she can get votes when she needs them. and when it comes down to it, democrats might say, hey, we really need to throw it all on the line for this because we voted for it once. it is getting harder and harder.
11:17 pm
you have resignations on the house on the democratic side. you have cowell, the one republican who voted for who said he won't vote for it again. >> bill: does he -- she have the votes. >> yes she will get the votes. make sure the abortion language works and big issue is who goes first senate or house. >> bill: senate will pass they will ram it through somehow. >> no. they want the house to go first. senate people want the house to go first. >> bill: i understand that whatever happens in the house the senate would pass it nobody should be under the false allusion the senate would hold it up. the house will. i'm going to say you are wrong. here is a wild card. president obama is going to come out this week and scale it down. >> correct. >> bill: he is going to scale it down. we really don't know how big it's going to be. it's got to be big to get 30 million americans on the rolls. >> why did you just say i was wrong. you just told the people the deal. >> bill: she doesn't have the votes. >> they are going to scale it back and they are going to do
11:18 pm
things like give republicans cross state lines insurance. >> bill: tort reform. >> they are going to do these things. >> bill: still comes down to the money, the expenditure. >> here is the argument. let's make sure we do something. this is obama talking to democrats. do something, otherwise we will have worse losses in the midterm and so we have got to get something done. this is life or death. >> bill: last word, mary katharine. go. >> i think it's interesting that obama is going to come out with another giant health care speech to sell this on witness. i'm not sure how that is going to work. it might misup the process reid and pelosi is working with. it's not going to make people happy about spending. he is on a whole different plain from the american people on this. >> bill: dumb kids, president obama wants to spend almost a billion dollars on them. wait until you hear. this on dumb kids. and then son of marie osmond commits suicide. why so many people -- famous people have trouble in their families. moments away.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, according to the white house 1.2 million high school students drop out every year. for some minority groups the rate is as high as 21%. that's a catastrophe. president obama has proposed a plan grad nation. spend a billion dollars more, money the country doesn't have to stem the dropout tide. the question how do you do that realistically. money is not going to solve the problem. joining us from st. louis dana lash a radio talk show person and leslie marshal also heard on the radio. leslie, as you probably know, president bush with his no child left behind program raised education spending by far the most in american history. seemed to be working and the drop out pre60's. all right? i as a former teacher know money is not going to solve that
11:23 pm
problem. yet, the president wants to put another billion in as i said money the countries doesn't have have. what would you do as the department of education chief. >> i think first of all when we as a nation say we are going to spend money on education. i do think it can make a difference if the money is spent in the right areas. we are showing these kids we invest in you, we believe new. you know better than i being a former teacher. these kids feel we kicked them to the curb. we need more classrooms and computers and more advanced technology for kids to be able to leave school and enter the workforce. we need to bring back after school programs to keep them off the corners and joining gangs and doing drugs. >> bill: in d.c. they spend about $20,000 per pupil in the public school. catholic school half that the cath lake schools score much higher on all the standardized testing. i mean, look, either the public schools are a bunch of idiots
11:24 pm
teaching and being principals and all of that or is it all about money? i don't think it's about money dana, what say you? >> i don't think it's about money either. i don't think that it's the government that failed the children in the first place. i think it's their parents failed them. i mean, all of this begins in the home. that's what i think a lot of people that look at this educational problem either they don't want to acknowledge that that's the problem or they just don't have alternative to dealing with it the problem is the home. it starts in the home. nobody failed these kids but their parents. >> bill: you home school your two kids, right? >> i do. 8-year-old and 5-year-old. >> bill: why do you do that? >> i well, i live in st. louis city and our school districts here have lost accreditation. i'm not happy with the system. >> bill: not confident with the school system so you took it upon yourself to home school. >> not at all. absolutely. >> bill: here is the deal. when you have a student who goes to a school with no guidance from home, leslie, and this is where liberals go off the rails, all right? liberals expect society to
11:25 pm
correct that wrong that dana is pointing out. society can't correct it. if the kid never see as book. has chaos in the home all the time, is just garbage on the television set and all they hear is garbage, grammatically incorrect speaking and all of that and i'm not being a snob, but they don't have -- when they walk into school they don't know how to do anything, society is not going to be able to right that wrong. it can correct it to some extent but it cannot make the kid compete with the child who has books in the home and is educated like dana's children are educated. you know that. you know that's true. >> actually, i disagree. >> bill: whoa. >> i will tell you why. and bill, yes, you are right it does take a village. let's talk about the village being school. if i'm a really lousy mother and i do speak ebon nicks and i'm a crack mother and i'm not a good mother, you know, betty crocker mother, when you put the kids into school, not only do they have the education, not only are they learning to speak properly, not only do they have programs hopefully after school they can be a part of instead of watching
11:26 pm
me put a needle in my arm, we have the opportunity to save that child and to turn the tide from what is happening at home. i agree we can't pan date what the parents do and don't do. >> bill: some of the kids can be saved. i have saved some of them personally myself. you are right. some can be. but most can't be. here is the final deal. and i write about this in bold fresh, dana, 60 kids in my class, one nun. 60 to one. by the second grade, every kid, and believe me, myself included, there were dim, d-i-m kids in that school. we all knew how to read, we all knew how to write. we could all say prepositions and all of those things. one nun, 60 kids. so when i hear another billion going down into these schools, i'm cynical about it i'm going to give you 30 seconds dana and you can reply for 30 leslie, go. >> absolutely. i completely agree with that statement. also, you know, all of the -- this, you know, i'm concerned
11:27 pm
about the kids' education just as i was concerned about the voucher system in washington, d.c. we can save billions of dollars by implements a voucher system and giving kids no good examples at home an opportunity, a golden ticket, a willy wonka golden ticket to go and get a better education at better school with better teachers and administrators. >> bill: we can do that but that would gut the public schools even further. leslie 15 seconds, go. >> i don't think we should put people in black burkas in rulers hitting you on the hand. i think you feared that nun. i do think what we need to do. >> bill: it worked, leslie. it worked. i'm telling you. the little rural didn't leave ruler didn't leave any permanent marks. >> we have to target those groups as you know. 2,000 high schools in america are turning out half of those dropouts and then where are those dropouts going? our prisons. >> bill: want to fire those people, fire them. i don't think another billion is going to do it. ladies, thanks. van jones questions an award from the naacp and addresses glenn beck in his speech. we will play that for you.
11:28 pm
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, very sad situation, children rich and famous ending up with shattered lives. 18-year-old son of marie osmond blosil jumped out of a building. you can imagine what the osmond family is going through. that comes on the heels of cameron douglas son of michael facing up to 10 years in prison for dug dealing. apparently cameron has been addicted to narcotics for many years. with us dr. keith ablow a psychiatrist. so every family has problems within the family and the children are exposed to those problems. there isn't a perfect family on the face of the earth. here we are seeing more and more of the rich, the affluent, i think it's because of the press spotlighting them really running into the trouble. the osmonds for democrat cadz
11:32 pm
were the college-cut people, very close-knit family and the kid is -- what are the pressures unique to these rich and famous families? >> well, look, first we know major depression does not discriminate. that can strike anyone. these families do have different problems. they are not the same ones that the average american family faces. first of all, these kids tend to measure themselves against the success, which is outsized of their parents. bill will explain. >> bill: explain that little kit famous dad or mom and the kid inside is most most of these families can provide more things for the child. >> correct. >> bill: more opportunities. no matter where they are. >> that's right. the child is busy. you have you have got to assume the child has what the child needs. they are measuring how? >> there are roads that are seemingly blocked to them. such a person, a kid growing in this in this family can't necessarily decide hey i would like to be a sales person. >> bill: why not. >> it's too tough to explain to
11:33 pm
one's peers, to one parents here is my choice. i think i would like to sell. i think i would like to be a travel agent. because. >> bill: so they feel compelled to follow in the footsteps. >> i think they do. i treat these people so, yes, very often they feel that if their life is to have meaning and if they are to be seen as successful by their very successful parents, that they have to do something even bigger or at least on par with that. >> bill: that pressure drives them crazy. >> i think that's just one pressure. there are others too, though. listen, there is a reason why people seek the limelight. in that grand way, if you are a movie star, you have some talent, but also you are really moved to seek the applause of an audience. that may mean that you are somewhat distracted as regards to sort of attention that your child might focus on you. so you might be distracted. >> bill: didn't get the attention. i'm not so sure that that's it. >> it's all these things.
11:34 pm
>> bill: because you have in a poverty home, you have a different set of circumstances. >> different. >> bill: driving kids crazy. middle class home if have you any substance abuse alcoholism, it's across the board. when you see a person like marie osmond's 18-year-old son, the question is, you know, couldn't they prevent it this? it's to the a fair question. nobody knows what happens inside a family. it's not a fair question, i know that. >> not a fair question for any family. listen, the parents are too close. very often to evaluate how much danger a child is in. these are special circumstances. just like an alcoholic family special circumstances. a celebrity family similarly. >> bill: last minute, let's talk about all families. when you see your kid getting into some kind of depression. when kids go into pursuant. when they puberty. they are all down. >> if someone's grades fall precipitously. if that child used to have interests no longer does. if there are drugs or alcohol. >> bill: if you find that, right away. >> or if these kids as they sometimes do say listen, i don't
11:35 pm
know if it's worth going on. >> bill: they give you hints like that. >> often. >> bill: should you read the diverry, listen to the conversations, monitor the internet and all of that? should you be pro active in trying to find out if your kid is heading down the road to jumping out a building. >> most important be proactive not so much as a spy but as a listener. ask the question. say listen, you know, you are a little off your game. you know, can you tell me anything. >> bill: they will say no, i'm not. >> they might but then again they might not. listen, if you have to and you have reason to believe your kid is using drugs. get a drug test. make sure you do it. and ask the tough question, are you thinking of hurting yourself? many people will tell you when they're. >> bill: tougher for a kid today not only rich and famous kid that's ever been in american history. >> 10 times. they are all in my office. >> bill: all right. doc. thank you very much. >> thank you. bell. >> bill: bernie goldberg on whether the nightly news on the networks will become extinct. big trouble in those precincts.
11:36 pm
glenn beck got van jones fired from the obama administration. jones talked about the beck meister over the weekend. we will hear that in those reports after these messages. (announcer) we're in the energy business. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. you can make a positive change in your career.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, jay leno back in late night with dave letterman.
11:39 pm
abc news laying off hundreds of employees. does that signal trouble. bernie goldberg spent 28 years at cbs news. all right. look. we talked about this before. we all know that technology is outflanked the network news. turn on the computer and you know everything like this. we also know that people have to work late. they commute. they are not home at 6 and 6:30 in when niece newscasts run. it's almost obsolete exercise. there is something very much more leading to the downfall and i think it is a downfall of the network news and that's relevancy. i mean, they are doing the same thing they did when you started, what? 85 years ago? i mean. >> hey, hey hey. >> bill: they are doing the same thing. they haven't changed one bit. you have the cute dog at the end and whatever washington talking head you can find at the beginning. am i wrong? >> i'm afraid you are not wrong. there are no original ideas coming out of the networks. these guys who run the three networks think that their title
11:40 pm
is president of the news division. that's not their title. their real title is funeral director. because they are not managing news and they are not managing as your question suggests, they are not managing new ideas. they are managing death. the whole idea of an evening newscast because of what you said about technology and because of the distance that people work and how late they work, it's an idea whose time has come and gone. it's finished. it doesn't work anymore. by the time the news comes on at 6:30, they already know the news. that's another reason it's not relevant to people anymore. they know what's going on by the time the 30 minute network newscast comes on the air. >> bill: they don't give you perspective. they all cover the same thing. look at the run down, they are all very similar. here is what i think the tragedy of this is. i think that couric and sawyer and williams and the correspondents by and large that work for the networks have very skilled people. you have got to be to get there
11:41 pm
most of the time. sometimes you can get there in devious ways. got to be kind of skilled. i think that they are people to ho can bring information to the americans the information they need. they don't even try. they don't try to cut through the b.s. you know, they all got their biases. they all got their agendas. they all got their manhattan, washington axis things going on. they don't seem to care about the folks. >> it isn't just those three people you mentioned. it's the people whose names the folks at home don't know who run the news division. >> bill: that's what i mean. they don't do it, right. >> they are not member of ideas. they are north -- i know -- look. i know some of them directly. i know others indirectly. they are not men of ideas. >> bill: so what is it about them, all right, that stops them from leveling with the folks? look, i don't know whether you heard the talking points memo tonight, okay? >> let me answer that. if they try something new, something really exciting and
11:42 pm
break through, and it doesn't work, they are dead. so they go on their plotting ways. >> bill: but they are dead anyway. >> evening news is fundamentally no different today than when i started at cbs in 1972, every now and then they change the anchor. they change the music. they change the desk. but it's the same old, same old. it's a 22 minute newscast with no analysis. nothing that makes you want to come to the tv set. listen, i always hesitate to say something too good about fox because i'm not sure it does fox any good and i'm not sure it does me any good. but on fox you have newt gingrich, you have karl rove, you have dick morris on the right. you have marc lamont hill, kirsten powers. juan williams on the left. you have brit hume and charles krauthammer. these are people who know things. these are people where you learn something from what they are saying.
11:43 pm
since stossel left abc i don't know who at the networks presents a unique take on anything where you want to tune in to that newscast because you are going to learn something that you are not going to get any place else. i think that they are devoid of ideas over there. >> bill: all right. now, they have got 20 million people watching the three combined. you know the pundits will want to keep them floating and say that's more than that o'reilly. he has 5 or 6 million watching him, and it's true to some extent. the impact that we have. i never hear anybody talking about the network news, do you? does anybody say did you see that on brian williams? i never hear anybody say that. >> no. you are 100% right on that. there is no buzz at all. i asked you once, i said when was the last time you heard somebody say you have got to tune over to the cbs evening news, have you got to see what's on or abc or nbc. it doesn't happen. >> bill: last time is when you were on and fighting with dan rather about the bias on the right. that was the last time that
11:44 pm
anybody ever sit down. >> that's true. you know what? that tells you something seriously, doesn't it? i came one a provocative. >> bill: controversy goldberg and dan rather were going over it on the bias at cbs news. i have got to ask you a quick question about jay leno comes back tonight. i know most people don't care about this. he is up against letterman again. is leno going to go back to dominance there. >> as a great american philosopher yogi berra said making predictions is hard especially when it is about the future. the honest answer is i don't know, you don't know, and anybody watching us knows. leno has been tainted by jeff zucker's brilliant experiment putting him on at 10:00 tonight. overtime. tonight he will have good ratings, of course, over time he will get his viewers back, i think, because he is more likeable than letterman and likability, it counts a lot in that line of work. >> bill: thanks very much. we appreciate it reality check
11:45 pm
up next tonight we headline van jones and glenn beck. you have got to stick around to hear. this also, the lawyer representing the american taliban guy, john walker lind is hired by the obama administration whoa. sounds like another one for beck upcoming....
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11:47 pm
11:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where the featured point of view is the truth and nothing but the truth. check one. over the weekend the naacp gave an award to van jones formerly the green jobs czar for the obama administration. as you may know, glenn beck exposed mr. jones's radical past and the czar was forced to resign. here is what jones had to say at the ceremony. >> last thing i want to say is this: to my fellow country men,
11:49 pm
mr. glenn beck,. [ laughter ] i see you and i love you, brother. i love you and you cannot do anything about it, i love you and you cannot do anything about it. let's be one country, let's be one country. let's get the job done. >> bill: here is how beck replied today. >> implication here is that i don't love him. i mean, sorry you misunderstood, van, i'm a gospel-believing guy. you are my brother and i love you. i may disagree with you. may not like what you do. i love you. that's just the way it is. it isn't personal. never has been. i mean if you want, call me. never been personal. i never called for your resignation no matter what the press prints. i didn't even want you to quit. i wanted you to continue to talk. i'm actually glad that you are out there again. i'm one of these old school people who think that the first amendment applies to everyone. even 9/11 truthers and communists. >> bill: we would love to have mr. jones on the factor so we
11:50 pm
hope he reconsiders turning us down. we hope he loves us and he will come on to prove it check two. "washington times" reporting that attorney general eric holder has on his staff nine lawyers who have legal connections to captured terrorists. latest guy is tony west who worked on the american taliban guy john walker lyndh's case. he was okayed by president obama. why are so many terrorist offenders working for holder? the justice department emailed us saying that 34 out of the top 50 largest law firms in the country did work with terrorist detainees. that's why. check three. our pal george soros is criticizing president obama for not being left enough. phooey to bank bailouts. he wants the feds to run the banks. >> he should have -- replaced the capital that was lost. >> which in effect would have been nationalizing the banks. >> this is what they call nationalizing the banks. he made the political decision that that is unamerican, will
11:51 pm
not be accepted. >> bill: of course it won't be accepted, you pinhead! this is a capitalist nation, not george soros land. good grief! check four, nancy pelosi made the news talk rounds on sunday saying stuff like this republican opposition to health care. >> they have had plenty of opportunity to make their voices heard and if they wanted to truly have -- bipartisanship is a two-way street. but let me say this. a bill can be bipartisan even though the votes might not be bipartisan. >> bill: bill can be bipartisan? check is a bit confused by that statement but check often spends time in the land of confusion. by the way, here is a result of our latest bill o' poll. we asked you do you favor federal oversight of health insurance pricing? 89% do not want that oversight. 11% do. check five, some wonder whether
11:52 pm
president obama's visit to nevada to senator harry reid. the poll is in. 75% of november -- november residence say no impact. 17% less likely to vote for him. check six in win peg, canada two high school teachers suspended without pay for doing lap dance routine in front of students. [cheers] >> bill: quite the assembly there. check seven, better news for our canadian brothers and sisters, your hockey team was great yesterday. of course so was the u.s.a. which lost in overtime to canada in a terrific game. decided when sidney crosby
11:53 pm
engineered a give and go and launched a rocket wrist shot passed u.s. golly ryan miller. the american team won a record 37 medals and did the u.s.a. proud. and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring bill cosby and putty. right back with p and p. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] all we ask is that you keep doing what you've always done. the lexus rx. never has a vehicle been designed to feel so natural. ♪
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bill: time for pinheads and
11:56 pm
patriots. you may not know his name but you know the character he played on seinfeld. >> what is that? >> that's the letter "d." >> why is it pained on your chest? >> i'm going to a game and me and these five other guys are going to take our shirts off and spell out doubles. >> you said no more painting. >> i said no more face painting this is not my face. bill: that was putty. now he has come to the defense of sarah palin. he does a voice on "family guy" and said this about the down syndrome situation. i know it is satire but that joke bothered me. unusual for any actor to go against the liberal hollywood orthodoxy so he's a patriot. pinhead front bill cosby was annoyed over the weekend when a publicist interrupted his interview with the associated press. >> teenaged kids kids in their
11:57 pm
early 20s, -- but i'm trying to answer if you had shut up, i really would have finished it. i swear -- bill: cosby a pinhead? you make the call. >> two nifty promotions. buy a copy of bold fresh get two tote bags free. this is a great deal for you. i think you will like it. if you become an annual premium membership you get this outstanding travel mug free. we pick up the shipping. so please check it out. know all the i get from bill o' goes to charity. patricia: the whale was not trying to kill the trainer at seaworld. she knew the whale's history and danger. ellen: after three deaths it is unethical for seaworld
11:58 pm
to whale in the show. it is greed disguised as public entertainment. i think it is time to stop using wild animals four our amusement. robert: it doesn't surprise me that frank luntz found liberals not offended by the "family guy" attack on sarah palin. the left is supposed to be inclusive, try with them. sara: i guess they believe special needs children are not entitled to protect . glen: he's made at least three flights to help the haitians. tara: bill, i gave my mother bold fresh and she enjoyed reading it. she still doesn't like you though. don't hold that against her, most moms do like me, i believe. tell your mom that most other moms like me.
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chris: i'm 12, and selected bold fresh for a book project. if i don't get an "a" is my teacher a pinhead? depends on the skill you bring to the project. if you get a bad grade and think you did a good job, send met paper.'reilly that is the fox news website with the talking points memo. e-mail us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world o' name a town if you wish to opine. we have a new word, when writing the factor do not be a lusk. if you know what that word means you are good. i did not know what lusk means. i do now because i selected it as the word of the day. but i didn't know that is it for us today the


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